Rainbow Colouring Sheet - Ruby and the Rainbow
Rainbow Colouring Sheet - Ruby and the Rainbow
Ruby and the Rainbow

Rainbow Colouring Sheet

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Rainbows are popping up in windows of children's homes across the country. We think it's a lovely idea. Rainbows are special to us, you can find out why on our about us page. So we've created a colouring template to make it easy for your little one to join in.

There are two options:

- one that is just a simple rainbow

- one that is personalised

We won't be charging for the simple one as it doesn't take anymore effort now it has been created. The personalised ones take a bit of design time so we are charging a small fee to cover the cost of this.

Your child can either colour in the rainbow or a nice idea that I have seen on Pinterest is to collect things from the garden or house and stick them on to make a collage

If you like our colouring sheets and would like to see more then please let us know either using messenger on the website or through our Facebook page

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