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All of our clothing is ethically and sustainably sourced

Organic baby clothing

We recognise the significant benefit of organic baby clothes to both the environment and our customers. Organic cotton is produced with only natural fertilisers making it less harmful for the environment and for the farmers who produce it. Organic cotton is less likely to contribute to global warming, acidification and eutrophication than conventional cotton farming. Studies also indicate that organic cotton reduces the possible impact cotton farming can have on biodiversity and local water quality. It also avoids the use of synthetic fibres, which are often from non-renewable, petroleum-based resources.

As well as the benefits to the environment and farmers, organic cotton products are safer for the skin and more comfortable, because the threads of cotton have not been damaged by chemicals. We are therefore confident that organic cotton is the right choice for our baby and toddler wear. All of our baby vests, t-shirts and baby grows are 100% organic cotton, and we are striving to achieve 100% organic cotton use across our whole product range.

Where we can’t source organic items, such as our raincoats, we help ensure they are free from harmful substances by confirming they have either theOeko-Tex Standard 100 certification or similar.

Our Organic Baby Clothes Range includes

Ethical sourced baby clothes

It’s really important to us at Ruby and the Rainbow that our products are ethically sourced. By saying ethically sourced, we mean that our products are produced in a sustainable way, where workers are treated fairly. We always look for the SA8000 standard or similar - this is a framework that helps certified organisations demonstrate their dedication to the fair treatment of workers in any country. It is internationally recognised by brands and industry leaders for its rigorous approach to ensuring the highest quality of social compliance.

Vegan baby clothes

More than 70% of our product lines are made animal free and are approved vegan by PETA. We are continuing to work on this and aim to have our whole product range PETA approved.

Our vegan baby clothes range includes