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October 11, 2020 2 min read

Amy's Rainbow Baby Story published by Ruby and the Rainbow, miscarriage and #TFMR


Amy’s Rainbow Baby Story

My partner & I met later in life and so we knew what we wanted and things moved quickly!

After 16 months together we sadly miscarried our first baby at 6 weeks and 3 days. We were devastated. We were devastated a billion times more when we faced the heartbreaking decision to go through with a termination for medical reasons just 6 months later, as our second baby was diagnosed with severe hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

We took some time to start to heal physically & emotionally before we found the courage to try again 5 months later. 

During our 3rd pregnancy I held my breath at every scan, wouldn’t look at the screen until I received some confirmation that everything looked ok....I found it hard to accept the word ‘congratulations’ from people along the way & struggled to believe we’d ever bring a healthy baby home.

My friends & family threw me the most beautiful rainbow themed baby shower & on the 9th April 2019 our rainbow boy made his dramatic entrance into our world! Just one day past his due date, he clearly knew his mama & dada were too anxious to wait any longer!

He is now 18 months old, forever smiling & forever bringing joy to our lives daily. With every smile & laugh, every beam from his striking blue eyes (which he doesn’t get from either of us!) he heals our hearts a little more. Miracles really do happen!

During baby loss awareness week #BLAW2020 we will be sharing stories from those who have experienced loss. The inspiration behind Ruby and the Rainbow is our Rainbow Baby Ruby. Through our brand and our work, we want to support awareness of baby loss and support those who follow in our footsteps. If you have a rainbow baby story that you would like to share. Please do get in touch. We really want to show how common baby loss is and how it can have such an impact on parents. It's not spoken about enough and not understood by those who haven't experienced it.

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